5 Temmuz 2010 Pazartesi

A Super Comeback

Türkiye'nin Euro 2008'deki lakabıydı 'Comeback'. Her spiker "A Super Comeback" tümcesini demezse olmazdı.

Tamam Euro 2008 güzeldi ancak, 2010 yılının "A Super Comeback" ödülü kuşkusuz A Perfect Circle ve Tool'dan gelen güzel iki albüm haberine gitti. A Perfect Circle yeniden albüm yapma yolunda, Tool ise albüm çalışmalarına başlamıştı bile. Hatta şarkılar hakında bir kaç ipucu da sundu;

"With that in mind, here are some potential subjects for new Tool songs:

01. an 11-minute diatribe in which keenan rants and raves at bp for the deepwater horizon disaster that's left a massive oil spill in the gulf of mexico. keenan once sang about wanting the apocalypse to drown los angeles and the world in a flood on "aenema." looks like people will now be drowning in oil instead. how's that for a whole new spin on "learn to swim," eh, bill hicks?

02. an entire album based on gustav holst's the planets, except about how humans pollute the rest of the solar system with space junk, refuse, oh, and oil. thanks, dinosaurs.

03. a tune called "ganglion," about the nerve cell bodies that make up the human brain. its lyrics should be impossible to understand because so is the brain.

04. a really long, extended tune about dark matter and experimental particle physics, in which keenan starts out with heavy breathing and then uses the lyrics to explain how dark matter is basically a metaphor for the human condition (hey, it'd work somehow — they've already done it with "parabola").

05. a song about thoth, the egyptian god of magic, writing, science and the judgment of the dead. he has a head of an ibis and you don't get more metal than him in terms of egyptian deities. forget anubis. the song will mostly focus on judgment in the afterlife and — inexplicably — connect science to it.

06. some kind of song referencing the golden ratio which is only 1.6180339887 minutes long. hell, if they already referenced the fibonacci numbers in "lateralus"...

07. another song railing against rush limbaugh, glenn beck, bill o'reilly and tv evangelists.

08. a song about the ulam spiral, which sees keenan yelling out a particular word at two, three, five, seven, 11, 13, 17, 19, 23, 29, 31, 37, 41, 43 and 47 seconds. of course, the music is constructed in a similar spiral and repetitive fashion.

Peki bunları nerden mi biliyoruz?


"What a goaalllllllll, A super comeback Andy" ( What a goal ve A Super Comeback Andy arasında kahkaha olmazsa, olmaz)

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